… a lot changed. I’ve been away from this place for about ten months. In ten months, the rules changed, the entire game changed. If I had a dollar for everytime I went on a break because of some sort of creative block, I’d probably be having my Forbes interview now while sipping … Continue Reading

“The verdict is in. Corduroys are back.” At the beginning of the year, I made a style resolution to try on more old materials. Seeing as the ’70s are finding their way back, the corduroy fabric seemed like the perfect one to start with. Corduroys are characterised by the fine line of woven or twisted … Continue Reading

Being the not so social person that I am, I find music as my getaway. I’m not a one Genre type of person and I’d like to see myself as someone who actually has good taste in music (depending on who’s asking). I have decided to to start sharing with you guys my top 20 … Continue Reading

As someone who has a sensitive skin, I’ve made sweaters my close companions

When I first came into style, I didn’t exactly like checked shirts because I saw them as boring and