A minimal way of styling baggy sweatpants.
A minimal way of styling baggy sweatpants. 


If I’ll be honest with you guys, prior to the last month in December, 2017 I didn’t have plans of returning to the blogging scene till 2019. I was going through a phase hence my absence from social media and blogging. It was nothing serious and I was already getting used to the life. Thanks to everyone who ‘DMed’ me, giving me words of encouragement. I eventually got my mojo back but didn’t want to return how I left.

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Making the decision of getting a domain wasn’t a tough one because I got so much love from you guys on the former blog and you all deserve so much better after sticking with me for about two years of blogging.

A Minimal way to style baggy sweatpants


Deciding on a name was a challenge. I didn’t want to use ‘The Street Haute’ anymore because I made it up without doing proper research and it really has nothing to do with me. I don’t dress in high fashion pieces. I wanted something that would serve as an all rounder and also describe what my style centres around. After a lot of thought and stupid names, I came up with the perfect and appropriate name, ‘Something Off My Rack’. This describes my Style as I don’t like being restricted to a certain type of style. Asides Style, I’ll be blogging on grooming and some other lifestyle categories. So be prepared to have your wigs snatched! I really appreciate DesmondSogie and Benny for making the transition easy for me especially when I hit some snags. As time goes on, I’ll continue to update the site and add more categories to make the experience enjoyable for you guys. Cheers to a NEW BEGINNING!

A way to style baggy sweatpants


One thing I’m excited about is that Baggy and Oversized pieces are coming back .  Baggy sweatpants are essential for the harmattan period, especially as the weather keeps fluctuating. Terribly cold one minute and hot the next. Because of the thick cotton consistency, it provides warmth but not excessively because of the size. When styling baggy pieces, it’s always better to be minimal because anything beyond that will most likely lead to an epic fail.

Minimal way of styling baggy sweatpants

Minimal way of styling baggy sweatpants

I wore a graphic black T-shirt and Rose gold slides because minimal doesn’t have to be boring.

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I also went minimal on the accessories and brought the outfit together with a turtle neck wool cape.

Minimal way of styling baggy sweatpants


Thank you so much for reading. I hope the tips were helpful. Happy New Year!


Outfit Details

Shirt/sweatpants/cape- Thrifted

Slides- @solesnshades

Accessories- Aliexpress

Minimal way of styling baggy sweatpants

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  1. Welcome back, darling. I love the new name, theme and general outlook of the blog. Super proud of you and how far you’ve come. Also, the way you started this post is so open and sincere…hope to see more of that. Outfit is super!!

    PS. I want your shirt.

    1. Thank you so much dear! Couldn’t have done it without you! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I’ll definitely be more open on here.

  2. You’ve Not come to play this 2018 at all.
    Firstly congrats on your new domain and upgrade, glad I could help out.
    Can’t wait to see all the new content you’ve in store for us this year.
    This look is so clean and I love it, love everything bout the look each piece works.
    Images are so clean, love the vibes it gives

  3. Nice having you back Collins! Deciding on blog name can be an headache sometimes. Best is to settle for something that gives meaning to one and the audience will be able to relate with. “Something off my rack” is sure a nice one you have chosen. Once again welcome back and Happy New year. Hoping to see more from the rack.

  4. Welcome back Collins! Feels good to have you back and the site is sooo clean. I love!
    I understand staying back from blogging (cos I’ve been off social media and blogging myself( but hey you came back bigger and better.
    I love how minimal the whole look is without looking boring.
    Cheers to a new start dear

  5. I’m already hooked! I’m so glad I came across this… well done for getting your mojo back and for tailoring your blog to suit your style while making your readers happy!

  6. Yasssss! Collins with the sauce, no ketchup!! Welcome back hun. I can’t wait to see all have that you have in store for us. I was surprised and not too excited about the name change but it’ll grow on me fo sho. Love the poncho as well. I’m down for baggy pieces all day err day and the Inscription on your Tee got me rolling 🤣
    No! You can’t feel my tits 🤣
    Welcome back B!

    1. Thank you so much, Ebun! The name change was necessary. It definitely will grow on you. That was what attracted me to it. It’s so funny!

  7. Welcome back Collins. I love the name of your blog, how it sounds. I wish you growth and success with this blog. Are you planning on bringing the content from ‘The Street Haute’ here? There are a lot of good stuff on that blog. Please do food and maybe your thoughts on TV shows (I would love to read them)

    Cheers! Fehintola

    1. Amen! Thank you so much!😊 The plan is to start afresh here. Thank you for the suggestions. I will do them from time to time.

  8. First of all, I am so proud of you (I’ve probably said this a billion times). Second your cape and pants are giving me major life right now!!!!! You didn’t come to play. Your pictures are just so darn clean. Also can’t wait for all the content you have planned. Wish the best man!

  9. One of the people I know that have grown-up in many aspect life is you.. Hopefully, this year is going to be better and wish you all the best.

    And I love these pictures, I want the natural skin glow😊

    1. The beards part has me laughing so hard. Really happy the beards now look presentable 😂😂. Thank you so much, Funke. It means a lot.

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