How to style checked shirts

How to style checked shirts

When I first came into style, I didn’t exactly like checked shirts because I saw them as boring and only old people could pull them off. As time went on, I started to realise I was wrong and so decided to find ways I could style them to better suit me. Fast forward to today, checked shirts are one of my favourite clothing items and I’ll like to share with you the ‘Dos’ that help me style them without looking scruffy.

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How to style checked shirts


When purchasing a checked shirt, consider the fabric pattern. This is very important because there aren’t a lot of check patterns. While some are truly beautiful, the others are either ugly or widespread. You don’t want to be in one of those situations where you’re wearing a tablecloth, do You?


Do not be afraid to explore colours. One way to inject colour into your style or wardrobe is through staples. You’ll definitely agree with me that the checked shirt is a staple. When exploring colours, don’t go for exaggerated colours. Work with a colour scheme. Start with neutrals or primary colours and work your way up to secondary colours.

How to style checked shirts


Pun intended. Checked shirts come in different designs that can basically be grouped in two – Intricate and clean. While the intricate has more lines and boxes, the clean has less. The ones with intricate designs should be worn casually while the clean ones could be worn formally or casually because it’s easier to match tie patterns when the shirt pattern isn’t complex.



How to style checked shirts


Alternate between Short and long sleeve lengths. When short sleeves checked shirts are done the right way, they look good. Long sleeves checked shirts also offer the option of rolling the sleeves when needed.

How to wear checked shirts

There you have it guys. My go to tips for styling Checked shirts. I hope you find use for them. Till next time.

How to wear checked shirts



Shirt – Beverly Hills Polo Club

Mom Jeans – Thrifted

Shoes – Ezra Shoes

Sunshade – Haute Signature

How to wear checked shirts


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  1. There was never a time I hated checked shirts omg. I’m crazy about them. Though I wouldn’t try them on jeans because I’ll think it subdues the appearance than make it glamorous, but I guess it depends on the color of the checked shirt. This looks calmer and it makes your outfit look cool! 👌🏽

    Idle head

  2. One tip I’d add to this is to opt for bold colors when styling or go with color blocking which instantly spices up the look and avoids one from looking like a table cloth lol. Good tips and I love your pairing with those brown shoes. Love your photography too especially that moody dark element. Welcome back to the Blogsphere!

    Princess Audu

  3. I never liked checked shirt as a child. I didn’t like any shirt that wasn’t tee, black and tight lol. But look at me now. I absolutely love how you styled it, simple yet so stylish. Also poses and photography on point! Come and teach me na. Also I love your jeans they look so sturdy

  4. Love the tips there, whether I like a checked shirt mostly depends on the shirts style in general. But I’m looking forward to playing with checked patterns more as time passes by.
    But are men supposed to be wearing our(women) mum’s jean, aren’t you supposed to be wearing dad’s jean? Lol just kidding.

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