How to style sweaters

How to style sweaters
As someone who has a sensitive skin, I’ve made sweaters my close companions this Harmattan season. I’ve always loved sweaters ever since I was little boy. Asides from the fact that my Mum loved and still loves buying them for me because I get cold often, I love how there’s so much beauty in how ugly they are. Asides from it keeping you warm during the cold weather, it serves as a break from boring monotonous style.

In this post, I’ll help you understand sweaters without having to change your style.

How to style sweaters

Sweaters are more versertile than what most people think.

Sweaters are more versatile than what most people think. Here's how I styled mine. Click To Tweet

When styling Sweaters, Fabric quality plays an important role. I will personally recommend Cotton, wool or Cashmere. Not that other materials aren’t good but definitely not as good.

Also, the preferred materials are lightweight, soft and can be worn directly on the skin without having irritations.

How to style sweaters

The colour of sweaters also determine how good they’ll look on ones body. It’s safer to avoid really bright colours unless you’re a street performer or something. Dark colours are good for formal looks and also casual looks while bright colours are good for casual looks.

How to style sweaters

Sweater patterns are equally as important as the other factors when Styling it. When looking at patterns, consider the size of the pattern. Solid patterns work better with formal looks and business casual looks. That’s the reason why most fashionable men either go with plain sweaters or sweaters with the argyle pattern. For casual, minimal and edgy looks, sweaters with small patterns like the sweater I’m wearing.

How to style sweaters

Lastly, the fit of the sweater matters too. This is the 21st century. Fashion and style have evolved. There are different styles for different fits of sweaters. The one’s with good fits are perfect for layering with jackets, for formal looks, for business casual looks or for simple looks. The oversize ones on the other hand are good for edgy, hipster and streetstyle looks.

How to style sweaters

That’s it guys! I hope this post will be helpful in guiding you to style sweaters beautifully.

Till next time.

How to style sweaters


Sweater – Binfox

Jeans – Thrifted

Shoes – Nineteenth shoes

Accessories – Ali Express and Instagram Vendor.

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  1. Your pictures are amazinggggggggg!

    Great post too. Lol. I’m not a guy but I can pretty much relate to these.

    Keep it up!


    1. I really still love sweaters too because I catch cold easily and because of how cozy they are. Yup! Beanie is right as well as headwarmer. Thank you so much!

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