How to style Corduroy

“The verdict is in. Corduroys are back.”

At the beginning of the year, I made a style resolution to try on more old materials. Seeing as the ’70s are finding their way back, the corduroy fabric seemed like the perfect one to start with. Corduroys are characterised by the fine line of woven or twisted wool or cotton.

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How to style Corduroys

As we know, it’s Men’s Fashion week season and the runway and streets have been flowing with Corduroys in all fits and forms. If there’s one thing I’m sure of, Fashion week determines what’s going to trend in the next months.

How to style corduroys

Asides from Corduroys being one of the next trends (probably), another reason to get it is for it’s soft, Indulgent and sumptuous feel. The velvety jawns feel so comfortable on the skin.

Corduroys are definitely going to be a thing in 2018. Here's how to style them. Click To Tweet

How to style corduroys

Corduroys come in a gamut of colours. This even makes them more fascinating. They are a great way of breaking your daily uniform, Jeans. Don’t get me wrong. Jeans are great but variety is the spice of life. Can you hear the sirens luring you into purchasing them already? LOL.

How to style corduroys

Personally, what I love about Corduroys is that they don’t have to be too fitted to look good on the body. This is owing to the polished look. They also don’t have to be too big unless you want to conjure the images of grandpas from the ’70s sitting in the Patio and reading the papers.

How to style corduroys

Finally, Corduroys have great texture quality which makes them last longer than most other materials. This is also a great reason to include it in your wardrobe. Corduroy is one of the most underutilized materials in fashion. If worn correctly, can make for a requisite pair of trousers.

How to style Corduroys

As opposed to it’s sometimes stuffy connotations, Corduroys are great when dressed down and worn casually. Glad it didn’t die in the ’70s. I’m super excited to see how the fashion scene will jump on it.

How to style Corduroys

How to style Corduroys

Happy New week! I wish you the best this week has to offer and all the glorious things!


T-shirt – Arizona

Corduroy Trousers – Trift buy

Jean Jacket – Thrift buy

Sneakers – New Balance

Fanny Pack – Thrift buy

What do you think of this outfit? Would you ever wear Cords? How would you style your cords? Please let me know in the comments.


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  1. I don’t know what I love more. The tips or, the way you styled the corduroy or the beautiful location you shoot this in.

    Either ways, this post packs a punch and you look really good.

  2. Happy New week Collins, finally one of the denim jackets lol. Love this look and the vibes the pictures did, the photographer did a really good job, love the edits!!!!
    Definitely sold on corduroy pants had me at velvety names.
    You look good in this fit, didn’t come to play this year at all.

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