… a lot changed. I’ve been away from this place for about ten months. In ten months, the rules changed, the entire game changed. If I had a dollar for everytime I went on a break because of some sort of creative block, I’d probably be having my Forbes interview now while sipping on a glass of perfectly aged whiskey which costs more than the most expensive thing I own now. Only thing is i wasn’t away because of a creative block or at least that wasn’t what it started out as. A break away from the blog because of exams which was supposed to last just a month went on for longer, longer than expected. 

          I had all these things planned. I had everything mapped out, thinking since I’ll be away from school for six months, I would finally dedicate enough time to blogging and the whole creative process. What I didn’t know was that life had other plans. I spent most of May to August going in and out of the hospital, trying to get better and the whole mumbo jumbo. I do not want to bore you with the details. By the time i was getting back on my feet, I was losing my creative juice and just wanted to stay away from blogging and Instagram as a whole. The further I stayed away, the more I felt something missing in me. This went on for a while till I decided I wasn’t going to just give up on something I was one with.

          Now that I’m back to this space, clearer mind and a healthier lifestyle, I will be more focused on creating intentional contents, contents that are not rushed and the very best you guys deserve.

 If there is a word I would describe myself as, it’s Multi-creative. Even though the past couple of years, I have only shown one aspect of myself but moving forward, I plan on showing you guys more of the stuff I get up to creatively like the shoots I’ve styled and directed, the articles I’ve written. To ensure that you guys get first class access to all these, I will be adding a menu, a sort of portfolio so you guys can have access to all the work I do as time goes on. I guess, this is me also letting you guys know I’m open for business.

      As some who enjoys creating, I never pass on an opportunity to learn and test my skills. I have at one point or another shot videos of my friends and edited some as well. I am now more confident in my abilities and willing to show them to you guys, which is why in 2019, I will be including videos to the content I create. I know videos leave better impressions on people than pictures and I hope the ones I make do that. I’m still deciding which platform to use between IGTV and YouTube. I’ll let you guys know what I eventually decide on. 

     Well, that’s it with my life update. The past, present and future. I hope you guys stick with me through what’s to come. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

These amazing pictures were taken by my good friend, Daniel of Mr. Dan Photography.

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Glad to see that you are feeling better, welcome back. We look forward to fresh new content. Love the images in this post.
Princess Audu


Nice having you back!,am looking forward for the contents you have for us….. I really can’t wait.

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